Radiation solutions Inc., Canada


RSI’s cutting-edge radiation detection technology incorporates a fully digital system design, spectral analysis and advanced data processing. RSI’s research and development team offer unprecedented expertise in the industry, with over 200 years of accumulated direct experience and extensive product field implementation.

RSI’s focus is to design and manufacture state-of-the art radiation detection systems using FPGA and DSP processing techniques. This technology provides a level of radiation detection previously only attainable in laboratory equipment.


Products offered:

  • Airborne Geophysical Exploration and Geological Mapping with Radon Correction Detector.
  • Vehicle based - Gamma/Neutron System, visible or covert installations.
  • Portable Gamma-Ray Spectrometer.
  • Stationary - Detection system for maximum protection and highest density loads.
  • Handheld - Field exploration, providing search, assay and scan modes of operation.


Radiation solutions Inc., Canada

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