ABMM, France


Since 1990, AB Millimetre specializes in manufacturing  millimetre and submillimetre Vector Network Analyzers, with unprecedented frequency coverage. These instruments, called MVNA, are the only all solid-state electronics, spectrometers on the market for vector measurements of material properties and devices from 8 GHz to 1000 GHz providing simultaneously both amplitude and phase of waveguide and quasi-optically propagated transmitted and reflected microwave signals. Laboratories all over the world use MVNAs for aeronomy, antenna measurements, atomic and molecular spectroscopy, condensed matter physics, electrical engineering, ground-based or satellite observations in radio-astronomy magnetic resonances in biology, chemistry, and physics, material science, microwave imaging for security and medicine, plasma diagnostics and gyrotron heating, radar modelling, and telecommunications. The MVNA has a range of 8GHz to 1000GHz and is widely used by laboratories all over the world.


Products offered:

  • Isolators
  • Filters
  • Attenuators
  • Directional coupler
  • Feed horns


ABMM, France

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