Wideband Systems, Inc., USA


Wideband Systems, Inc. designs and manufactures high-performance, real-time recording products. They specialize in custom designed recording systems as well as standard, off-the-shelf recording systems, satisfying a wide range of requirements. versatile disk-based Digital Recording Systems are designed with analog and digital instrumentation interfaces and flexible control features.

Wideband Telemetry Recorders with 4800+ Mbps aggregate rates, built-in multiplexers, and flexible interfaces are supporting the DOD, NASA, and locally DRDO along with other Government Agencies internationally.  Their industry-leading telemetry recorder, the DRS3300E is universally accepted  as the drop-in, direct replacement for the venerable 14-track analog instrumentation recorder. They also provide support to telemetry customers who are transitioning to the emerging IRIG 106 Chapter 10 interface standard.




Wideband Systems, Inc., USA

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