XMW Inc., Korea


XMW is a global leader in RF & Microwave for wireless communication ground, air and space communications.

XMW has been exploring new markets that require unprecedented products such as Ka-band BUC, multi-band BUC, multi/simul-band LNB, and multi-band antenna systems. These products will support new value-added services for innovative service providers and users.


Products offered:

  • VSAT Equipment
  • Block Up Converters – BUC (Band Ka,Ku,X & C)
  • SSPA ( Band Ka)
  • LNBC(Band Ka,Ku,X & C)
  • BDC (Band Ka,Ku,X ,C & S)
  • LNA (Band Ka,Ku,X ,C, S & L)


XMW Inc., Korea

For Further Information Please Visit: http://www.xmwinc.com